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Does my organization need to sign up to participate?
  • There is no sign-up or registration process for non-profits to participate; subscribers can select whichever 501 (c)(3) New England non-profit they are most passionate about.
How will I know if my organization was selected?
  • The Boston Globe will contact the selected non-profit organizations via mail and/or email to let them know they have been chosen. Non-profits will be walked through the process of redeeming their awarded GRANT ad space.
Can any non-profit participate?
  • Participating non-profits must either be a locally-based New England 501(c)(3), or a nationally-based 501(c)(3) organization with an office/chapter in New England.
Will my organization be able to keep track of awarded GRANT dollars throughout this process?
  • You can stay up-to-date on awarded GRANT dollars by visiting BostonGlobe.com/GRANT and clicking on the leaderboard showing the non-profits and the GRANT vouchers earned thus far.
What is the maximum/minimum amount of advertising space that will be available from awarded GRANT dollars?
  • To receive the smallest ad space, a non-profit must be awarded at least $1,000 GRANT dollars, and ad space will increase as the amount increases. The smallest ad size available is two columns (3.79 inches) by 3 inches; the largest size available is a full page. Non-profits who have been selected by a minimum of seven subscribers but who have not earned enough to receive a stand-alone ad will appear in a full-page non-profit directory ad. All organizations will be listed online.
What are the redemption rules and restrictions?
  • All awarded ads must include a GRANT header/footer (this will be provided).
  • Non-profits will be asked to report the impact of their GRANT ads.
  • Organizations will have until April 2019 to use awarded ad space.
  • GRANT ads may not run with a paid campaign.
  • Organizations with smaller redemption amounts will have a dedicated contact who will help them order and (if necessary) write their ad.
  • Existing advertisers may not use earned ad space in place of previously scheduled campaigns.
  • Paid ads will run first.
  • GRANT ads may not appear on the front page, on inserts, or in the Globe Magazine.
My non-profit isn’t listed. How can I register my non-profit to appear on the Leader Board?
  • If your non-profit doesn’t appear on the Leader board, at least one subscriber must award his voucher to your organization. Your non-profit will finally appear on our Leader board after being reviewed and confirmed as a New England 501(c)(3).


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