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Does my organization need to sign up to participate?
  • There is no sign-up or registration process for non-profits to participate; subscribers can select whichever 501 (c)(3) New England non-profit they are most passionate about.
How will I know if my organization was selected?
  • The Boston Globe will contact the selected non-profit organizations via email to let them know they have been chosen. Non-profits will be walked through the process of redeeming their awarded GRANT ad space.
Can any non-profit participate?
  • Participating non-profits must either be a locally-based New England 501(c)(3), or a nationally-based 501(c)(3) organization with an office/chapter in New England.
Will my organization be able to keep track of awarded GRANT dollars throughout this process?
What is the maximum/minimum amount of advertising space that will be available from awarded GRANT dollars?
  • To receive the smallest ad space, a non-profit must be awarded at least $1,000 GRANT dollars, and ad space will increase as the amount increases. The smallest ad size available is two columns (3.79 inches) by 3 inches; the largest size available is a full page. Non-profits who have been selected by a minimum of seven subscribers but who have not earned enough to receive a stand-alone ad will appear in a full-page non-profit directory ad. All organizations will be listed online.
What are the redemption rules and restrictions?
  • All awarded ads must include a GRANT header/footer (this will be provided).
  • Non-profits will be asked to report the impact of their GRANT ads.
  • Organizations will have until April 2020 to use awarded ad space. Awarded ad space is not redeemable for cash value.
  • Existing advertisers may not use earned ad space in place of previously scheduled campaigns.
  • GRANT ads are to be redeemed only for the ad size specified at time of award.
  • All paid Globe advertisements will receive priority placement
  • GRANT ads will run in space available throughout the paper.
  • The Boston Globe may reject any advertisement for any reason at its sole discretion. We are more likely to accept advertisements that educate readers about what your organization does than advertisements that advocate for a particular point of view.
My non-profit isn’t listed. How can I register my non-profit to appear on the Leader Board?
  • In order to appear on the leaderboard at least one subscriber must award their voucher to your organization. Your non-profit will appear on our leaderboard after being reviewed and confirmed as a New England 501(c)(3).


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